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The ultimate Xtra!

The ultimate Xtra

The PowerTOP? Xtra family

As a specialist for plugs and sockets MENNEKES is known worldwide for setting standards. With the PowerTOP? Xtra it was always our claim to deliver the highest quality products for practical application. Previously available in 63 A and 125 A, the family has now been expanded to include 16 A and 32 A versions.

A family – with all Xtras!

All of our CEE plugs and connectors have now been completely redefined. In the future there will be ONE PowerTOP? Xtra family.

One family – from 16 A to 125 A!

We have drawn upon our entire CEE know-how to create a structured product family. Together with the proven PowerTOP? Xtra in 63 A and 125 A the new PowerTOP? Xtra family sets THE CEE standard from 16 A to 125 A – complete with X-CONTACT? inside.

Experience the CEEvolution!

The four success factors.

Ergonomically optimized design

Simple and secure connection

Simplified assembly

All PowerTOP? Xtra will have X-CONTACT? inside

Innovative new Xtras from 16 A to 32 A

PowerTOP? Xtra is now a complete product family with solutions for every application area. In this regard plugs and connectors have been completely reworked and optimized in every detail. The new members of the PowerTOP? Xtra family bring four success factors from professionals for professionals:

Ergonomically optimized design!

The PowerTOP? Xtra family embraces the highest quality. They fit perfectly in the hand and are shaped so that their design supports every hand motion in practical use. This not only feels good – it also offers a real safety advantage. The new ergonomic enclosure shape of the PowerTOP? Xtra family is supported through non-slip surfaces. This considerably eases handling and installation. Here application convenience and protection against injury are optimally combined.

Ergonomically optimized design - in every detail!

The service life of a MENNEKES plug is many years. Our plugs and connectors are designed to be connected and disconnected many thousands of times. Thus handling is a definitive characteristic for a good plug and socket system. The new PowerTOP? Xtra design takes this into account through many new functions. The ergonomically curved shape ensures that the plug rests comfortably and securely in the hand.

In practice our devices are often used in damp and demanding environments. As soon as the plug is damp, conventional plugs and sockets are not so easy to handle. This is where the PowerTOP? Xtra sets a new standard. The rubberized cable gland and the non-slip grip zones enable secure handling. There is an innovation in every detail of the PowerTOP? Xtra family, each PowerTOP? Xtra has an area that is intended for
individual device identification. E.g. through self-adhesive labels.

Ergonomic shape and non-slip grip zone

Connectors with hinged lid opening aid

Simplified assembly, minimized tool use!

The assembly process has been further perfected in the detailed optimization of the PowerTOP? Xtra family. The result: significantly shorter assembly times, simple handling and minimized tool use. Improved features, such as the self-finding thread of the enclosure, the locking slider as well as the new cable gland add to the assembly convenience.

Open the enclosure, insert and strip the cable


Close the enclosure and tighten strain relief

Easier and safer connection - with ErgoCONTACT?.

Simple handling, ergonomically effective grip, safe installation and thus time saving assembly – in short, these are the main features with which ErgoCONTACT? sets new standards in the area of installation technology.

The crucial ergonomic advantage is the fact that the screwdriver enters from the top rather than the side. Thus the screw pressure is directed into the holding grip. In this regard, the screw trajectory is additionally supported by a guide collar. Each contact has only one screw which is a captive combination head screw: Through plastic burrs on the upper end of the guide collar, the screws cannot fall out and can be operated with a Pozidriv PZ2 screwdriver.

Thus overall it is a much easier, and above all a much safer way to achieve the desired torque. In addition this connection hold is more naturally ergonomic and the danger of slipping off is reduced considerably.

Optimized screw activation from the rear

Conductor insertion

Curved conductor guidance channels easily and securely move the conductor ends into the contacts.

Guide collar

The screw trajectory is supported by a guide collar. This prevents slide-off and minimizes the danger of injury.

Captive combination head screws

The screws are integrated in the guide collars, are completely captive and they can be operated with Pozidriv PZ2 screwdrivers.

Easier and safer connection - with SafeCONTACT.

PowerTOP? Xtra in the PowerTOP? Xtra S version is equipped with SafeCONTACT insulation displacement technology, which was already used in the StarTOP? range. SafeCONTACT is the screwless and maintenance-free connection technology for plugs and connectors. Since stripping or pre-treatment of the cable is not necessary, you save more than half of the conventional installation time.

Safer contact

Interior view – SafeCONTACT

X-CONTACT? inside!

In the entire PowerTOP? Xtra family!

With X-CONTACT? MENNEKES has developed a completely new contact sleeve solution for industrial plugs and sockets, which initially redefined the standard only for PowerTOP? Xtra in 63 A and 125 A. Now, as the PowerTOP? Xtra family is complete, the variants for 16 A and 32 A are also equipped with the X-CONTACT? technology.